3 Basic hacky sack kicks To Begin With

There are basically endless hacky sack kicks and they are all legit. The more creative and versatile a player is with his kicks and stalls the better player he is. But there are 3 very basic kicks that are performed by everyone and are the bread and butter of any footbag circle.

The three basic hacky sack kicks

Footbag has three basic kicks that everyone needs in their arsenal: Inside kick; outside kick; and toe kick.

In order to develop control with kicks, it is important to try to make the surface of your foot/shoe parallel with the ground as it makes contact. By doing so, this will ensure the bag is propelled straight up into the air.

Moreover, you should consider getting a footbag suitable for beginners.

Inside kick

Performed by the inside of your foot

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Gently drop or toss the footbag in front of you. Using the inside of your foot where the arch of your foot is to kick the bag directly straight up.

Be sure to angle your ankle so that the inside of your foot is parallel to the ground in order to kick the sack straight up. You should also know There’s a big difference in the way you kick a sack filled with sand, metal or dirt.

Outside kick

Performed by the outside of your foot

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Gently drop or toss the bag to the side of your body and use the middle of the outside of your foot to kick the bag upwards.

Just like with an inside kick, angle your ankle to keep your foot parallel to the ground in order to kick the footbag straight up. It’s true that hacky sack does not really have rules for kicking, but there are a few unwritten rules.

Toe kick

For a “Toe kick” Drop the sack and kick it with your toes

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Make sure to drop the sack a little bit further in front of you than you would when performing an inside kick.

Toe kicks can be performed either in a marching motion or by flicking the foot. In either case, the important component is timing. Timing will take time and practice to become consistent.

Use your toes to kick the bag straight up in the air. Be sure to kick your toes up instead of toward your head to avoid getting hit with the hacky sack! These are 3 basic kicks you should know and perform naturally.

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